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Per (Perry) Per Barsten (Barsten)
Aerospace Married 3
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Richard Ballintine
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retired financial officer/retired USAF officer Married 2
After spending our senior year together, Judy Bon and I took different paths upon graduation.  Judy went to Hennepin Co General for her nursing degree.  I went to the U of M for my degree in Physics.  As time passed we got back together and were married in 1968 after both our graduations.

I had planned on continuing in physics, but my draft board had other ideas.  So I signed up for ROTC in grad school and got my MBA.  Upon graduation we moved to Cincinnati for a short time with Procter & Gamble.  Then into the USAF for 5 years spent in northern Michigan and Dayton Ohio.  Upon leaving active duty I decided to stay in the reserves, which I did for the next 20 years ending in retirement.  Coming back to Minneapolis I spent 5 years with the Minneapolis Fed and then the next 30 years in finance with Rosemount Inc and other local manufacturers.  For the last 14 years I have been a director with a large nonprofit that aids homeless vets.

Judy went to work at general hospital while I was in grad school.  She worked off and on as the boys were growing, her last job as parish nurse in a Bloomington congregation.

Upon our retirement we became dedicated snow birds, buying a second home (our "cabin") near Birmingham, Alabama.  Our son lives there with 2 of our grandchildren.    Our other son remains in Minnesota with our other two grandchilden (and our only granddaughter).  We split our time pretty evenly between the two.

Both of us have had some health issues, but are doing well considering.  Our time is split between grandkids, church, friends, and traveling.

Thanks, Washburn, for study hall when Ballintine and Bon were forced to sit next to each other!
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Richard Sigurdson
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Retired TV Broadcast Engineer Married 5
Fifty Years!.... Much has happened. After WHS graduation, college at Bemidji State. Draft Board knocking on the door... joined the Navy, two Viet Nam tours on an aircraft carrier. Further education at NEI Electronics Inst. Started at KMSP-TV in 1971. Married in 1973 to Sharon. We had three children and lived in St. Louis Park for 32 years. Sharon passed in 2005 due to effects from M.S. Married Bev Daak, a Hutchinson, MN native, in 2008. She has two married daughters, one living in Wisconsin, the other in Nevada. I retired from KMSP in August 2012 after 40+ years. We had enough Minnesota's weather, taxes, etc., and moved to Henderson, NV. We're enjoying retirement, Bev is continuously adding new plants to our garden and I have my electronic hobbies. Our two school-aged granddaughters here also keep us busy.   Send Richard a MessageSend Richard a Message
Rick Roome
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Software Engineer Married 2
Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Received a masters degree from the University of Southern California in Computer Science. Spent my whole career as a Software Engineer, Software Manager, and Program Manager of Software. In an attempt to ease into retirement I now work 4 days a week.

I have lived in Southern California for over 40 years and currently live in Simi Valley, California near Los Angeles.
I have been divorced twice and married three times.  I am currently married to Winnie and we have been married for 17 years.  I have two children born 1974 and 1978 and one grandson born 2013.
I am still working because I refuse to admit I am old enough to retire.  Also my wife is younger and she started an apparel import business 8 years ago where she imports apparel from China.   She is having the time of her life and making good money.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th reunion.
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Rose Cohen (Cohen-Brown)
Retired. [International Student and Scholar Advisor] Divorced 2
Have a BA in English from Carleton College, and an MA in English (dropped out of a PhD program).  Moved to San Antonio from Long Island, New York, in 2003, after an early retirement as an international student and scholar advisor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Worked as a secretary in Classical Studies at Trinity University after moving to San Antonio for 10 years before retiring again.  Divorced.  Two daughters and three grandchildren living on the East coast.  Have traveled a great deal (southern Africa, Peru, Southeast Asia, etc.) and do as much community theatre as I can.  No money, but a rich life.  Cheers to all. Send Rose a MessageSend Rose a Message
Ross Anderson
Retired physician Married 4
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Sally Dunn
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Public Health Nurse Divorced 1
Hard to cover 50 years. After college at U of M School of Nursing, spent a year in Kentucky, 5 years overseas (Germany, Okinawa, Taiwan). Returned to Minnesota in 1975 to go to graduate school. Married in 1979. Divorced in 2014. One son, now age 31 who lives in Bloomington. I have been working at Ramsey County Department of Public Health for past  9 years. Learned to flyfish in the late 1990's. Am currently Treasurer of FlyFishing Women of Minnesota. Love to travel and hope to see as much of the U.S as possible in the next few years. Took a raft trip down the Colorado River to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon and climbed 9.5 miles out;  Went to Alaska and flew in a 3-seater plane over the Arctic Wildlife Refuge; visited 3 islands of Hawaii with my penpal since age 8 from New Zealand; to northern Idaho and Montana in 2012 and Oregon/northern California in 2013. Have a trip to New Mexico planned for this year at end of September. Looking forward to the reunion! Send Sally a MessageSend Sally a Message
Sally Lynum (Lynum-Lee)
retired RN Married 2
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Sandi Spell (Brown)
Married 1
Spent 23 years in the Public Relations Department of the Minnesota Orchestra, where I met hundreds of interesting people and got to listen to some world-class music on a regular basis.  Retired in 2012.  I now fill my time with travel, good books, good friends and whatever I want.  Miss my pal Mary Benson Dahl. Send Sandi  a MessageSend Sandi a Message
Sandra Berg (Haney)
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retired speechh-language pathologkst Divorced 2
I still live in small town Iowa with a large lot and 2 children.  After 23 years of marriage I finally got a divorce and have lived blisfully for 15 with only my grand cat.  My son graduated in 2000 and went to Fordham University in the Bronx , New York.  He graduated the same day as my daughter from High School. She had preupped in the Marines in her junior year and was sent to Defense Language Institute in Montery, California.  (Now there's a place to visit!)  After that she went to a special schooling in Texas and became some sort of a Russian spy.  As she says, "If I tell you I have to kill you".  After 5 years in the Marines she quit and joined the Air Force reserves and still works for them.  A year ago she decided to return to school and is currently at Fordam and will be a senior this year.  My son is currently in Taiwan getting his master instructorship in teaching scuba diving.  He has his own company in finacial marketing design and had enough air miles to travel around the world - so why not?  He took me to Austrailia and Tazmania as a retirement present, another great place to visit.  I've learned that I love to get away from this Iowa winter weather and have gone to South Beach and Panama the last two years and am hoping to find something in Puerto Rico this winter; as long as it's warm, near the water and I don't have to go far to get food, I'm happy.  When I was young and wanted to be older, this was certainly not what I wanted to be.  (Irony is not the opposite of wrinkly - I have them both!) I'm fat and sassy and enjoying life as it comes to me.  I was a Speech-Language Pathologist for 39 years and that was about 4 years too long. I like not having people yell at me or doing all the paper work the government keeps creating.  As the saying goes, if you can , you teach.  If you can't, you write laws about it.  I currently work part-time at Sam's Club in Council Bluffs; yes, I'm one of those little old ladies who hand out samples at Sam's.  Here's hoping that life's blessings have come your way and you have the peace that you've earned.

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